Hello, my darlings!

Another fashion blogger?! Yes! Here’s a little bit about me.

On the surface, I am based in San Diego and I just graduated from law school and just took the bar.

On a more personal level, growing up, I didn’t know one thing about fashion. In fact, I was always an outsider to the fashion world. I was that kid who literally wore hand-me-downs from my older brother all the way up until I graduated from high school. The outfits I put together consisted of Reebok sneakers, baggy jeans that went past my hip, oversized sweaters that went below my hips, and aloha button-up shirts. I wore no make-up except for concealer for my horrendous acne, and I wore my infamous half-up pigtails. I would secretly wish I could be the popular girl who knew how to do make-up, curl my hair, and wear cute clothes.

When I got half way into my undergraduate studies, I made more of an effort to change myself slowly. I wasn’t completely comfortable making such a huge leap. (It would be like growing up with black hair your entire life and deciding to go completely blonde! You’ve got to ease into it by doing highlights, right? Or maybe that’s just me.) So I would change one part of my outfit gradually with just a top or a bottom. Maybe shoes, too. And maybe every couple months, I would find an excuse to try and learn how to apply make-up and curl my hair. Another reason I didn’t make such a huge change immediately was because Northern California has a very different sense of style in fashion. It’s a pretty stark contrast to Southern California where just about everyone in San Diego and Los Angeles look so well put together even if they’re just wearing a casual top and shorts.

When I finally got into law school, I realized I needed to step up my game. San Diego is a very small legal community, and I needed to dress in such a way that if I ran into a potential boss, I would look professional. Not only that, I wanted to do it for myself. I wanted to project to colleagues and other professionals that I should be taken seriously and the first thing that should come to mind is my brain and what I could contribute. Fashion, I realized, is also a great way to express myself and feel confident. Of course, there are other ways to express myself in words, and I should feel confident in myself as a person. Fashion is just an added bonus; in a world where our generation is dominated by social media and everyone is critiqued on what they wear (especially in Southern California), it definitely doesn’t hurt to use clothes and accessories for fun and happiness!

What Runway with Rigney Believes in!

My hopes for this blog are that I can show an authentic side of me in fashion, travel, my lifestyle and also to get on a personal level with you from time to time about things we deal with as girls. In fashion, I wholeheartedly believe one can make a statement with a top that costs $15.00 and have everyone think it’s $100 or more. Why is this important? As a student and a working girl, I know how hard it can be to purchase that one loose button-down shirt from Madewell that unfortunately is a whopping $89.   Forever 21 or H&M finds can make great fashion knock-offs if you accessorize correctly, and you can end up with three different articles of clothing. Splurge on one or two things that can be a constant in your wardrobe — like a purse, sunglasses, a jacket and/or shoes — and make the smart decision to scout out top-end looking blouses or pants. Trust me, it can still look timeless, classy, and chic!  This comes from personal experience and feedback from friends and strangers online.